Rally Set Up Instructions


1.  (Please note this is a new duty) One member on duty must be responsible for dragging/harrowing Arenas AFTER the rally.  This can be done on the afternoon after rally – OR – on the following Sunday or Monday – this job can be done in lieu of attending set up and must be agreed on by all members rostered on for duty.  The harrow for the Large Dressage Arena and Show Jumping arena is situated at the mound before you cross the trotting track and must only be used for these two arenas [see photos below]:  The second Harrow (which is a gate with a steel pole) is positioned next to the jumping lane and IS ONLY to be used on the Permanent Dressage Arena 🙂

Dres + SJ Arena Harrow Pic 1

Dres + SJ Arena Harrow Pic 2













Perm Dres Arena Harrow Pic 1







Perm Dres Arena Harrow Pic 2










2.  Witches hats used to divide main arena into required number of dressage arena’s, usually either 3 or 4 arena’s (see picture of rally layout below) – use approximately 7 or 8 witches hats for each line

3.  One member on rally duty must be responsible for bringing out the wheel barrow and rake for poo pick up – ALL HORSE POO MUST BE PICKED UP IN YARDS AND ON THE ARENA

4.  Toilets must be cleaned and swept, toilet paper replaced and make sure all is clean and tidy.

5.  One member on duty must be responsible for the signs to notify the Aero Club, which warns flyers that riders may be on the cross country course, as per the joint agreement (detailed in pictures below):

6.  It will be the responsibility of YHPC/YARC to ensure the ‘Visual Warning Signs’ are opened prior to the ‘Hatched’ area being activated and closed at the conclusion of training or an event.  If the signs are not opened, it will be deemed the ‘Hatched’ area is not ‘active’ and ‘Normal Flying’ operations will continue, observing normal safety requirements.

There are two ‘Visual Warning Signs’. One is located on the pilot box, of the North-South runway and one is located on the pilot box of the main East-West runway.

The ‘Visual Warning Signs’ are easily opened by undoing a single screw at the top of the sign. No tools are required.

The warning signs are located on the grounds of the aeroclub, so you need to walk across the cross country, through the fence across to the two launch areas as indicated below.

Pilot box of the North-South Runway (sign shown in the open position)

Pilot box of the North-South Runway (sign shown in the open position)























Below: Diagram of how the arenas should be laid out.








Grid – set up in picture below.  Normally on the left side of the show jumping arena, however this is flexible and will depend on where the show jumping is set up.


Grid Set Up

Grid Set Up









Show jumping

  • 7 jumps, including one double jump (8 sets of wings and poles in total)
  • Set up as below
  • Note the height of the jumps needs to reflect the level of the first jumping group as detailed in the rally groupings emailed Thursday prior to rallyShow jumping set up

    Show Jumps Set Up


Pole Placement for SJ arena