Rally Booking Form

We will be offering two dressage tests (one if you do the trail ride).  You can ride at your level and one above.  The tests will be the .2 test.

You can also choose to ride the Plenty Gorge Trial.  Riders will go out in pairs at 15 minute intervals.  The whole trail takes 2 hours – if you want you can take the shorter option so about 1 1/2 hours.

WE CAN OFFER JUMPING if anyone is keen – I would need to know ASAP to organise an instructor 🙂

NOTE: Riders nominating for 3 sessions MUST ride a second horse as one horse may only participate in 2 sessions (unless the third session is an “in hand” session).  If booking for 3 sessions please advise in the “comments” section that you will be riding a second horse.  
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