Grounds Use

YARC Grounds are CLOSED to outside clinics

As a result of recent clinics on our grounds Yarrambat ARC Committee and the Yarrambat Horse and Pony Club Committees have decided that we will not approve the use of the grounds for outside clinics or clubs in the near future.

This decision was made due to the lack of respect that has been shown to the Cross Country Grounds ie, over use of jumps, jumps being broken without reporting same to a committee member, new jumps being used before completed, disclaimer forms and money not received at least 7 days prior to the event.

Most of these items detailed are in breach of the Use of Grounds Contract that was signed by their organiser.

The repairs to the grounds far outweigh the income that is received by the riders.

These issues have caused many hours of additional work for committee members.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause – but do stress that a lot of discussion has taken place prior to the final joint decision being made.

Any member wishing to hold an internal riding clinic will still require to put their request to the YARC committee for approval which in turn will seek approval from the Pony Club Committee.

 Riders requesting internal clinics can only be members of YARC or Yarrambat Horse and Pony Club.

What constitutes a clinic – 6 or more riders with an instructor.

If our own members are getting together on the grounds for a group of up to six it would by courtesy to notify the committee in case there are enquiries from the Pony Club.

Gates that need to be locked

The following gates MUST be locked when you are the last person to leave the grounds:

• the double gates

• the white gate that is close to the equipment shed. This one protects all our equipment that is stored in the sheds.

• the junior yard gate

• the white gate that opens into the cross country (near the new horse wash area)

• the toilet gates.

** Gates – please ensure that you close and lock all gates behind after using the club grounds. I have been advised that the gates have been found open a number of times recently. It may not be a member of our club leaving them open but this is a reminder, just in case.

** Keys to grounds – Keys are available from Jo Jamieson for a (refundable on return of key) deposit of $50. Members are reminded that once they are no longer a financial club member the key must be returned to the club or else this is theft. Non financial members are not permitted to use the grounds and are trespassing if they do so.