Rally Duty – Team Leader Checklist

Note:  Mark no longer co-ordinates set up, therefore a team leader has been allocated to ensure the set up and pack jobs are all completed.

Ensure the rally grouping sheet is printed out to determine number of arena’s required.  Refer to the set up instructions for ring allocations/placement

In-hand work – please refer to rally groupings and email advising set up required for In-hand.  (Each instructor has different requirements/equipment)


For set up & pack up, someone needs to have a trailer or float available for taking equipment out to arenas

  •  Arena’s to be harrowed
  • Witches hats to be used to set up required number of dressage arena’s as per rally groupings emailed out prior to rally.
  • Trot poles and blocks needed for grid set up (refer set up instructions)
  • Show jumping arena set up (refer set up instructions)
  • Mounting blocks are brought out
  • Wheel barrow brought out for clean up
  • Warning signs need to be turned over/open to warn flyers that riders are on the cross-country course.


  •  Arena’s to be packed up.  All witches hats, trot poles, blocks etc taken out for set up must be packed away
  • Mounting blocks to be put away
  • Warning signs in Aeroclub to be closed on completion of rally
  • Poo must be picked up and put in designated areas, in the yard/parking area and on the arenas
  • Wheel barrows to be put away