Rally Etiquette

Rally Etiquette

  • If you book into the rally, you are expected to attend. If you can’t attend, please ring LISA ASAP, as there may be someone on the waiting list wanting to take your place.
  • If you are on the waiting list for the rally and a place becomes available, you will be notified ASAP.
  • All members are to be ready to ride at 10.30am (9.30 for the Feb and March rallies).  Instructor will start at 10.30am sharp.  (These times will vary during the course of the year as over December, February and March rallies will commence at 9.30 due to the hot conditions – but you will be advised and reminded of this in the monthly newsletters and on our FB page)

Disciplines available for rally bookings:

*Dressage/Flat*    *Cross Country*    *Grid*     *Showjumping*     *In Hand Work*

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InHand Work:

 **All in hand work must be performed with an Australian Std. approved riding helmet**

Groups will be a maximum of 4 horses (so first in will get places) and will be held in the enclosed yard, opposite club room’s entry.

This is helpful for all horses and riders, regardless of experience, but is particularly aimed at young or green horses or the slightly nervous rider. It helps us as riders understand our horse better and is very confidence building. Please take the time to have a look at the work being done in this group and think about having a go.

Rally Ettiquete

  • Instructor is booked to start 1st session at 10.30am (Feb + March has a 9.30 start).  Always be ready to ride prior to this time
  • 1ssession will finish at 11.30am.  A bell has been introduced that will indicate time of which 1st session has finished. You should then, with instructors permission, move on to commence your 2nd session which is due to commence  at 11.45am
  • Always approach, enter and leave the arena at a walk
  • If arriving late to a lesson, enter the arena without interrupting any other horses/riders that are already working.  Apologise to the instructor and ask their permission to join the group (this may not be possible if it is a jumping lesson and your horse is not warmed up).
  • While working in a group, try to be aware of where everyone is on the arena, to allow plenty of distance between horses. Make other riders aware should your horse be nervous of other horses coming too close to them. As a guide, you should always leave a distance of at least two horse lengths between yourself and the horse in front of you.
  • When passing another horse front-on, wherever possible, pass left shoulder to left shoulder.
  • If your horse is really playing up and disturbing others in the lesson, it is common courtesy to either move from the group, or actually leave the arena once you have advised the instructor of your intention to do so.  You can possibly rejoin the group and continue the lesson, should your horse settle down.
  • Always excuse yourself from a lesson should you wish/need to leave early.
  • After the completion of each lesson, and when returning to your float/yard or generally moving around the grounds, please do so at a walk so as not to spook other horses.