YARC Guest Registration

Please use this form if you would like to invite a non YARC member to rally or to ride at the grounds. Members are weclome to take one guest to the grounds providing that they adhere to the following:

Please note that Guests MUST have their own insurance, and you must sight this paperwork before the guest fills out the registration form. Grounds use does also require pre approval of the committee and the fee of $15 must be paid before riding.

All Members should be aware there is a Risk Management Policy in place ( please see the Forms section of our website ). If a member is injured and requires an ambulance, the committee WILL call an ambulance. Incident reports must be completed by the instructor at the end of the rally.

All Members are responsible for the safe working order of their equipment and said equipment is fit for purpose. Location of First Aid Kit is in the kitchen area of the club rooms. First Aid kit is maintained by the Pony Club.

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times during Rally. At all other times please respect those that are using the grounds and ensure your dog is always accounted for. Please pick up all your rubbish, and dispose of manure at the dedicated manure collection points – by the car park and by the trotters wash bay.

Please enter in DDMMYYYY format
Grounds guest requires pre approval from committee and fee is payable before riding
• A fee of $15.00 per rider is applicable for any non Yarrambat Adult Riding Club member for use of YARC Grounds due & and payable before proposed date of use.
• Members are permitted to have only one guest at a time • Guest must be insured by HRCAV, EFA, PCAV or other company
• Use of grounds plus date of use by non Yarrambat Adult Riding Club members must be approved by YARC committee.
This form and payment of the guest fee ($15.00) must be submitted before you ride. Fees may be made by direct deposit into the club account or by dropping off the money and printed form to Jo Jamieson (Secretary).
The bank account name and number is: Yarrambat Adult Riding Club Bendigo Bank Account No. 152990503 BSB: 633 000 Please remember you are only permitted one guest at a time.

I hereby acknowledge that equestrian activities are dangerous and that accidents causing death, bodily injury, disability and property damage can and do happen. I agree that neither the club, participants, HRCAV, instructor/s, organisers, ground committee of management or the lessors of the premises used to conduct the clinic/lesson shall be under any liability for any death, bodily injury, loss or damage which may be suffered by the above named or by me through attendance at the clinic/lesson except for any rights we have under law.